1.)    W  H  O     D O    Y  O  U     L   O  O  K      L  I  K  E  ?

you could talk, so tough you couldnt walk

so tall you couldnt breathe, to look so far to see inside of me

you could run, so far you could not see,

so high you could not breathe

so far you look so nice inside of me.

  who do you look like now?

still so many minds to change. with nothin left to say

still everything just ends up all the same

  who do you look like now?

your big mouth is all its gonna take

a million dollars makes

a liar out of anyone these days.

when youre rich, they think you'll know

nothing to fear, with enough antidote

  who do you look like now?

youre all around. youre breaking ground. youre so profound. without a sound. youre lost and found. youre so unsound. your proving ground. your pound for pound.

  who do you look like now?

The first introductory seconds of this are a definite nod to the start of U2's, ACHTUNG BABY, one of my top-ten fav's for sure. I wanted to just put a rock-ing kind of song out there to start off, letting people know the rest of the tone of the record. oops. in the middle there's a little snippet out of Fiddler On the Roof --- "when you're rich, they think you'll know.." which really resonated with me heavily when i saw that play. this song now that i listen back to it is full of things (read: meanings) hidden and not-so-hidden. the middle break down when i say "your big mouth" is a collection of about 14 takes to get just right, then i cut and i chopped and i whittled it down and moved the parts around until they were just right ...i think this sets the tone for the rest of the record, 2 parts, ending thats different, etc.--- you know me, i have to have a formula to follow. theres a line in there about "nothing left to say"--- ive had the feeling for awhile that the only thing that lyrically interests me is sex and making things with easy double entendres in songs come out. this time, it wasnt hard at all to talk about other things. this song is screaming to me for a video, but im not listening. the ending is very David Bowie. I loved jerking the knobs on the Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe up and down for that wonderful pitch blendering exercise. Thank god i was recording while i did it.... i owe almost this entire record to 2 things: 1 being the Pioneer SPEC-1 preamp, not a guitar preamp. Most of the guitar riffs came out of this. WARNING TO YOU GEAR*BOTS OUT THERE: always run things through the wrong input, and use what you've got. please remember, there's NOTHING TO FEAR; WITH ENOUGH ANTIDOTE.

2.)    S  P  I  N  N  I  N  G

youre spinning in front of me spilling all over me now
you can still have your fun, just dont kill anyone with them now.
just a roll of the dice and your stupid advice and im out
its about time you learned just to take what you earned from them now.
(see me bleed green)
you better pray that you mean what you say
when you say what you mean and you live for today

please dont forget that you better not let your g____ down
cuz i'll learn your mistakes and i'll do what it takes to bring down
all that surrounds you, your castle and army of one
all your legions of fans pledge allegiance to man with the mouth

so dont forget who you serve guess you lived and you learned
with your painted on suit and those holes in your shoes
and youre preaching to me while you live in a zoo
with that look in your eyes and your lick on tattoes
you can say what you want you cant say nothin new
with your name in the lights that i pointed at you
all your stupid advice and your fake paradise
you can have it all back while youre stealing my lines
now youre spinning in front of me spilling all over me now
(see me bleed green, something obscene)

i dont even know where this song came from-- just a little riff to quiet a cry im sure, like a couple others. it sure started simple enough, a line about something completely different. i swear i meant for the chorus to say and sound differently, but it came out like this and stuck for awhile. and am i saying "GUARD" or "GOD"? i'll let you decide. the part about 'all that surrounds you' is a line directed at one of my friends, but its highly likely they will ever know its towards them and their actions. and what the hell is a "solo" doing in an e_lab song? i dont know, but that makes 2 now doesnt it? sometimes i take great pride in singing words that are mostly me talking to me--- in this case, im trying not to talk to myself. see if you can unravel that one. the part about "lick on tattoos" is yet another MAD PROPS to U2. always loved that line so i nicked it. call me a thief. i dont care. im sorry about the grandstandingsoapboxing right there near the end, im no rapper, i just had to say it. this song is for 3 people, me and 2 others. sometimes i wish i could live without repercussions from my actions too, you know--- so if youre lucky enough to be in that position, well, use it responsibly and dont mess it up. Dont forget that every move you make, every action that you commit and every word that you speak can drastically affect someone else. so see me bleed green, something obscene. You wield a lot of power and dont even know it.

3.)  C O M E    A N D    G O

i come and go youd never know me by my face youd never recognize the place we stood together all alone

i come and go yet never show the signs of aging while we're wasting all our time here on our own.

i think again my only friend has proved me wrong by somehow knowing all along what we would come to in the end.

i think again that i should find a little hope in all this chaos we have organized, again.

i dont mean to hang around, im just waiting for the sound of something quieter than me.

if i should fall clear out of line, please tell my friends that i'll be fine...

so...we've been watching you for years and if the message isnt clear youre right on course to prove our calculations true.

you've made us proud youve sung our praises from your mouth youve done us all a world of good and we'll be watching after you.

chorus.... and i'll be back to follow suit.

i come and go youd never know me by my words you wont remember me for what i have to say

if i would stand up to the light youd see me through the other side and see my colors fade to grey.

chorus... and i'll be back in time for three.

i have absolutely nothing to say about this song. one of many many songs on UNsung that has 2 subjects, talked about simultaneously. and no, im not going to tell you  what they are. is that a little Pet Shop Boy creeping out? i think so. i shouldnt let things that arent important find their way into songs, because who really cares? at the end of the day, its not going to matter. nobody is going to give a damn, and im ok with that. theres a grey reference in here just like the next song. hmmm. i wonder what that means? well, who knows. maybe it means something different to you. sometimes people with big mouths and ego's to match are greatly moved by things/people around them that ARE quieter than they are. you dont have to play all music loud for it to be powerful. sometimes, that moves me to tears. surely corporate America isnt killing everyone, right? dont forget, we'll be watching after you.

4.)   T  H  I  S     I  S    J  U  S  T    A    T  E  S  T

crash! bang! look at the mess you made now
with your fire ball, zooming from outer space now
good god, do you even have a name man
youre a small one, but a beautiful shade of grey now

this is just a test, this is nothing new
you look just like us man, do we look like you?
yeah we're killing ourselves off, nothing else to do
did you come to save us, or bring us to our doom?

call me earth man, id [like to] welcome you to our home
sure nice to meet you, are you sure that you came alone?
could you slip on this collar, i swear it wont hurt a bit
dont you ruin my plan, you know you could make me rich

this is just a test, we bleed just like you
will you laugh at us while, while we study you?
put away your ray gun, youve got nothing to fear
what could come to harm you, while youre staying here?

[where you goin so fast?]

take me with you.

((not quite in there yet:))
where you going? everyone wants to meet you
just like we do fallen from our sky

youve got great big eyes, you must have see a lot that i could never comprehend.

looking back through my records, this is the first song ive ever done with the subject matter in mind before i did any lyrics. CRASH, BANG, LOOK AT THE MESS YOUVE MADE NOW. heres the score--- spacecraft crashes in my back yard. spaceman gets out, he's small and cute and grey. takes a good look around. decides this place is way too fucked up to stay, so he high tails it the hell out of there fast. thats it. thats all there is to it. dont try and read anything else into it. nothing at all. i wouldnt dare hide something underneath these obvious words. DID YOU COME TO SAVE US, OR LEAD US TO OUR DOOM? yeah we're killing ourselves off, nothing else to do... but you know me, you can call me earthman. this is one of a couple songs on the record with mostly real drumming, good thing i dont know any real drummers. someone said this sounds like a BLUR song, and i guess damn, it does a little bit. maybe they would like to do a cover of me doing a cover of them? who knows. why are we so human? you know if one landed in your backyard, youd try to name it too, wouldnt you? you name everything else... do you think spacemen actually bleed? do you think we all look the same to them? well, PUT AWAY YOUR RAYGUN, YOUVE GOT NOTHING TO FEAR. well who's more dangerous? us or the spacemen? spacemen, if you do come down, please take us with you.

5.)   C  L  E  V  E  R

clever you, clever me. care for you, careful me. dont care for me. find time to see. a fine time to see. i find time for you, i find time for me, in time for three

cant feel the heat, cant stand to see, cant stand the you, cant stand the me, cant stand defeat.

cant stand to see, i cant stand to leave, theres no relief to sell off the thief running on my feet.

my eyes are clearly wide with you. id love to start a fight with you to see just what you look like black and blue.

my mind is clearly blown from all the time i spent alone and now i know that youre not better, youre just know.

clever you, to level me. careful you, dont care for me.

and im still blinded by the light of you, i just cant stand the sight of you, youre always walking in my shoes.

my eyes are clearly wide with you, id love to tell some lies to you to see that youre not better youre just new.

clever you, or clever me?

ah, clever you, to level me. im not sure how this one came out so quick, started with the little guitar riff that turned into something else and then something else again. im not sure if the lyrics and vocals are clear enough, theres only 4 layers of them the whole time. this was the benefit of being sick one time, my voice lowered one octave for about 10 minutes. so i did the low part. weird. this song kind of feels summery, doesnt it? with that full fisted piano line in there its something im not sure that ive done before. theres a couple Depeche Mode references, not quite out of sight. the lines about "blinded by the light of you/just cant stand the sight of you" is actually directed at a friend of mine, but its not too likely he'll know to what I am referring, will he? i swear, in real life im not this miserable, am i? probably not. the wall of guitar takes is about 19 different tracks altogether. its the "small wall" guitar sound that ive imperfected over the years. these lines came out on an airplane, seems to be almost universally applicable with the part about "youre not better, youre just new"--- goes a long ways. lots of mileage on those tires.  yep yep. good thing i have no mirrors.

6.)   F  L  O  O  D

machines are coming to you
my fingers see right through you
i never come in last
i shouldnt have to ask
machines are coming to you

my head is everywhere
make things that are not there
my lines are clearly blurred
see him instead of her
my head is everywhere

revenge is getting nearer
staring it in the mirror
making a fool of me
no place id rather be

dont rally round your troops
to circle over me
dont try and find the truth
in everything you preach

spin this one if you can
down on your knees and hands
tell me how well you see
when you stretch to look at me
spin this one if you can

lets pray the rain will wash away this flood

lets pray the rain will wash away this flood. the guitar riff (doesnt change) and the bassline (which stays in there the whole time, doesnt it???) was one of those happy accidents that come along about once in a record, if not lifetime. its just so crawling underneath, im not sure what tone it is, or hell, even what song it goes to! i always really loved the lyrics "my lines are clearly blurred/see him instead of her"... and yes, i meant to put those words at 1:45 so you couldnt hear them. so spin this one if you can. and all angles point to me. i love love love love saying different things at the same time to let you rewind and listen, rewind and listen--- over and over and over and over and over and over. this seems like a really sinister mood, but i swear its about happy pretty flowery things. and i would never lie. right? and the throbbing pulsing reverse thing is me saying something backwards and flipped around to that it comes rushing in. dont you dare decipher it.

7.)   N  O  W    L  O  V  E    I  S    G  O  N  E

i came to see you for your health and now youre seeing someone else.

your point of view no longer counts and all the truth is in my mouth (((ive got a murder for you))).

  so say what you want those words are mine. take what you want just leave me time. now im on my own and feeling fine. dont even think blind out of my mind.

my will is good, my head is strong, my mind is clear. now love is gone. (((ive got a wonder for you)))

my will is good, my stance is strong. my mind is clear. now love is gone.

   hey im alright im doing fine hey im alright im feeling fine hey im alright (((at least i know these thoughts are mine))) im feeling fine.

Underneath it all i think im singing a completely different song (during the song), but that should come out later shouldnt it? the end part and line "my mind is clear..." is a MAD SHOUT OUT TO RUBY, also known as the best band ever. goddammit come back to the fold leslie. yes, yes--- I know this should have been 2 songs, but i like the cliche that i am, ok? leave me alone. i wonder if the end repetition is me talking or someone talking to me? do you know the idea of that feeling you get when you know everything is wrong, the world is completely upside down, black is white, but being completely nuts is ok, and youre ok with that. sometimes it just happens, and everyone knows that crazy isnt all its cracked up to be, is it? guest vocals at the end from a couple friends, including Nathan Jamiel. i always wanted to end a sad song with a happy littttttttttttttttle jingle ditty at the end. no matter what i say, how ridiculous or absurd, at least i know these thoughts are mine.

8.)   P  L  E  A  S  E

i can feel it on my lips. i can taste you in my mouth. i can feel you with my skin. i just want you here again. i can taste you on my lips. i can feel you with my skin. i can see you with my eyes. i can think your every thought. and i know just what you are. and i know just what youre not. i can see you in my mind. (but) i can see you with my eyes. youre too far away from here. and youre just not thinking clear.

baby please come home. where you goin? baby please come home. where you goin? baby please come home. where you goin? where you going without me? baby please come home. no i dont care where you been. cuz you dont know where youre going, going without me. baby please come home. where you going all alone? baby please come home. where you going without me?

This song took 5 minutes, start to finish. again, done for someone that will now never know, never probably get it, im ok with that though. we cant have people believing they are becoming subject matter for e_lab songs now can we? that would give it all away. take away all the fun. with the "backwards passion" you can hear in there that sounds totally different than it does forward, believe me. i never intended the lyrics at the start to be heard, i did them low low low under the music, it was a real stream of consciousness thing, 1st take, no repeats. i didnt ever want to do that but things end up taking control in situations like this.

9.)   U  N  R  A  V  E  L

you can laugh all you want.
its the thrill of the chase.
would you tell me the truth
while i lie to your face
and im gasping for air in her world
since im head over heels for the girl
with my hand and my fist in the air
i can feel it unraveling me.

see your face every place that i turn
every thought is the last thing i learned
my own voice is one i'll never know
i just wish i had someplace to go.
my short glance lasts a little too long
and im staring a little too far
and i know that the one thing i want
is the fruit that i know i cant have

loneliest man, i ever knew
selling myself, for nothing to do
here is my key, there is the door
dont second guess me
at loving and war
so call of your dogs, and take off your boots
i sure hope we're right, theres too much to lose
ive got the answers, to all of your prayers
by robbing the blind and taking whats there.

(wave hello while youre saying goodbye)
(what would i ever do, if i could have it all?)
(thought id get away with it, i would)
(i look so good when i stand next to you)
(how did i get so tall, while im standing on you?)

yes, i can write material about 2 people at once. i have that right. and that agenda sometimes.  oops. i just realized there isnt a chorus in this song. 90% real drums distorted all to hell are sexy, dont you think? oh well, breaking my rules again. SO CALL OFF YOUR DOGS/AND TAKE OFF YOUR BOOTS. oops. theres a time change too; electro music doesnt have enough of that, wouldnt you agree? the end. ah, the end. theres the chorus's huh? like 8 of them at once. e_lab packs more chorus's into chorus-less songs than any band i know... someone asked me why this was the loudest song on the record, and the dirtiest, and the most intricately designed. i told them to stop analyzing it and just listen to it, dammit. ok, so that really didnt happen.

10.)   S   A   L   L   Y

sally: taught me how breathe.

sally: brought me to my knees.

sally: went to school, she learned all she could. but little did she know. it wouldnt do her any good.

sally: taught me how to breathe. (and then she took my breath away)

sally: brought me to my knees (and then she made me stand)

sally: and then she made me stand. and then she made me feel like she could understand.

   and then she let me go (but she never let me live) and then she let me see (she never let me die)

   what i would never know, what i would never be, and i could never know, that i could have it all. (i breathe you in but youre burning up my lungs)

   and then she made me stand. and then she made me see. and then she made me turn. into something wasnt me. (i write to you but youre speaking to me in tongues)

   then she made me feel and then she made me see then she made me laugh and then she let me be. unravel me and i am yours. again.

(i breathe you in but youre burning up my lungs) again

(i write to you but youre speaking to me in tongues)

envision me and strip me to the core (but... id do it all again)

unravel me and i am yours. again.

sally may or may not be a person, place, or thing. thats all i have to say about that. oh yea, and this is the oldest song on this record. 

11.)   S  P  L  I  T 

freefall. grab all. grab hold. free fall. see me.

fight fast. see clear. wont last. by faith.

in time. see clear. like me.

overdose on comatose and tales of old that never grow

overdosing on yourself without the proof you need to sell

overdose on all the ones with sad affairs that go nowhere.

overdose on holy ghosts and sycophants and go nowhere.

push comes to shove, id trade you for cash. like death from above. to split you in half.



my faults come clean. dont seem. too tall. for me. i shine. just fine. like you. just right.


fwe dont care what goes in, we just care what comes out.

we know just where youve been. and what youre about.

we dont care what you did. we just care what do.

we dont care what you said. just dont do it again.

we dont care what goes in, we just care what comes out. we know right where youve been, so just dont do it again.

in the end, we're gonna get you.

in the end. its gonna kill you.

in the end, its all up to you.

in the end, we'll get you.

in the end, we win.

ah, SPLIT. the only thing about this song that is elusive is the blatant reference to Apocalypse Now in the "death from above" line in the chorus (theres a sign on Robert Duvalls helicopter when he lands on the beach naming it Death From Above)... i would love to say that i make elusive lyrics with hidden meanings but i dont think i pull that off well, and thats not just me being self-deprecating. this song sprang from me trying to finish Radioheads BIG BOOTS. of course that never happened. who in their right mind would put 2 verses at once? not me, thats for sure. there was something unholy roaming over my body this day, as i listen to its hiphop beat, guitar-wail, and and blatant posing. I always liked the sentence "push comes to shove, id trade you for cash" and i wanted to put it in a song, just a shout out to selling out like everyone does. we dont care what goes in, we just care what comes out, and in the end we win. yes, corporateness finally invaded my airspace and became quite a topic of conversation. this song is just exactly short enough. any shorter and the point would be lost.


12.)   F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E     F  L  A  M  E

this is the one that started UNsung, all of it. and i have a love/hate relationship with the vocals, so therefore, you get the one that i recorded after i pressed it onto vinyl and played it through my toy record player. this is my song for Sheryl Crow--- its hers, and she should sing it, if she would just get off this Lance phase she's in.... i am most definitely for sale, and im smart enough not to jump at the highest bidder, but more likely the best bidder. im sure you know what i mean. thanks for listening.

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