e-lab; "s e x y   r o b o t s"


1.   precious metal

2.   lesbian

3.   supersong

4.   golden

5.   lavender & pumpkin pie

6.   angelsmear

7.   suck on steel

8.   trauts

9.   change

10.  hybrid/purebred

11.  high

12.  nude

13.  ordinary nobody









llesbian   (words and music for LESBIAN by mark young)

you left your dirty matress. i was a child, this is true. i dont want to share your address. friendship, what a crazy point of view. my emotions you have possesed. on my own, im single just like you. no family no friends no pity and no stress. my life wasted, what can I do without you...im crazy just like you.... you've cut me out of success. I see you always knew, spare all of the long goodbyes you creatures you princess first man, and now you.....im crazy just like you...no time wasted, im dead. you should leave. Im dead.


whats in a kiss. lips so soft tongue so pink. tickling my mouth. piercing my inner thighs. parting my wings. take me out. show me off. feed me oysters. get me high. ...now I can see. now I believe....(it feels like death) wanting you like this. you see me lick your lips while you talk. undress me with you eyes (please) tease me haunt me please me want me. (please me, haunt me, want me, hunt me.) you get me high. what is in a kiss. your lips are so soft. tongue so sweet, it tickles in my mouth. its over for you now. because here I come. get me high. now I can see. now I believe. either way its all the same. you get me high.

precious metal

you think you’re a man with that gun in your hand. you’ve got a big mouth and a stupid rock band. you love the women and you love all the wine but they (we) aint in it for your fabulous mind useless like a brick of gold (this is really getting old) seeking out all your enemies who question your reality I don’t ask for your anomolies, I question your duality bothered by the things that you see that tug on your strings (tell me) how do you like me now. useless like a brick of gold.


(here we go again) they say its up to me to consume you whole to swallow you alive to lick your brain and suck your mind they say times up times out new game new life you’ve had enough you barely tried youre fading out to blinding light. in time you'll find you'll see like me. so now you’ve gone again and blown my mind its time for revenge so sweet like wine so please sit still I swear you'll be fine. in time you'll find you'll see like me. in time you'll find you'll see (me nude)

suck on steel

 (doesn’t daddy have a big ol gun?) lick the metal, and feel the love. see the raging psychopath enjoy the view from up above. remembering the times when he was not allowed to see at all to see it all is all a maniac needs sometimes to feel the love. so heres the deal: you suck on steel. so come in war, and go in peace or go in tiny pieces of yourself you hold so high without a thought without a pause. without a thought. without a cause. to touch a mortal hand, and think a mortal thought. is what you really need. so why are we here? you might ask. you might ask if you stop. if you could stop and think. If you could only stop. and think. if I could only stop. if I could only stop you. this is what you really need. (we are not here for you.) (this is for me) I can stop. I can stop you. I think I can stop. I think. you cant stop. you cant stop and think. you cant stop me. if I could only stop .if I could stop and think....but I cant stop.


stroke of genius, stroke of luck, faint of heart so what the f? call me quiet, call me out. call me genius and shut your mouth. watch the tower, guard the light keep it secret, out of sight. don’t come to me for fun, don’t call me when your done. don’t wake me up, don’t shake me up, im happy as I am we are not here for you we are not here for you even though we're two, we are not here for you (recycle me when youre done you’ve used up all the fun) I used to dream but you know me,… the last thing that I ever need you think I don’t know how to please? cant seem to get up off my knees. that was then and this is now, wipe the sweat from off my brow. (hero in the other parts, now im bending ears to bleeding hearts) cheating death was such a thrill man is made of iron will…I have yet to meet one still guess I need more overkill. made of 24 carat plastic I can see it in your eyes just remember youre no martyr if no one cares that you’ve died.

lavender and pumpkin pie.

hey there, beautiful girl why don’t you look at me? hey there beautiful boy, why don’t you look at me? prettiest thing in the whole wide world, why wont you look at me? your ugliness don’t mean a thing to mean. I'll bathe you in lavender and pumpkin pie... lonely here being king, all I have is everything silver cups and golden rings, all I have is everything just a lie I must confess, money can buy happiness no one left to impress, yet here I am all undressed. I'll bathe you in lavender and pumpkin pie prettiest thing in the whole wide world,  why wont you talk to me?


Superhuman- Supercharged- Supersonic- Superstar..Superseded- Supernatural- Superficial- Superpower Superband (too high to hear) Superhighway (goes nowhere) Supernatural (beyond the here) Superstitious (built of fear) Superstructure(weighs a ton.)Superfecta(bet it all and won.) Supernormal (run for cover) Superimposing (over and over.) Superhero (he's our man) Superbeetle (I'm a fan) Supernova (shining bright) SuperSoldier (needs a fight) SuperComplex (grew and grew) Superfluid (one more flew) Supergiant (beyond huge) Super Me (and Super You) --Supernature; Supercool; SuperHot and SuperFool


Come to me and come for me; Comfort me and cover me.  Make me blush with what you see; Make me like the way you see. Being all that I can be; Nothing personal to me. Build a brick wall; burn it down. Cry a river; watch me drown. Dress me up; forge my crown. TELL ME Who's your hero now? Beauty's --in the mirror of the beautiful.