1. vulnerable

2. i will have

3. angle

4. all

5. instinct

6. not going out

7. voodoo

8. any other time

9. old version

10. revival




In my mind a song is about what the listener is feeling when they listen to it as much as it is about what I wanted to express when I wrote it. Music is such a palpable medium to work in because it combines language expression but adds a layer of deeper emotion with music. I can say the same words over and over again, but how they are said and what they are layered with musically is going to alter how you feel when you hear them. And thatís what its about, itís a little bit about showing a side of the artists intention, but itís more about how the listener feels when they hear that song. And that changes.  

And having had my say, I will share some thoughts as I become a listener and no longer the artist.


The name says it all. Itís about opening up, and the chance to be hurt, and the loss that happens if you donít risk losing. One person is so much more invested than the other; they keep being drawn back again and again. But that person isnít the foolish one here, the one who holds back is the one who is going to miss out. How much have you thought about the one who got away? It takes strength to admit you care about someone, and it takes strength to walk away when they donít reciprocate. 

I Will Have

Ah, sweet obsession! When a person is in love the same part of their brain that lights up during addiction goes into overdrive. Love is an addiction. However, there is a walkable line, I feel, between scary and sweet. Iíll let you make the decision here. And Iíll tell you again, Iíll have you, Iíll have you, Iíll have you. That beat that hits is almost like a tidal wave. Its exciting, it says that there is no stopping this force, because whether you like it now or not, you really donít have a choice in the matter. But that might be ok in the end. Just sit back, Darling, and let the inevitable happen.


Who are we really? And does it matter what we say at any given moment? A simple change of attitude or perspectiveÖor angle can make everything in your life seem completely different. Itís a frightening thought sometimes, but its also freeing. If you donít like the way things are you can change them. Instantly.There are so many directions this song can take you in, all I know is that itís catchy as hell!


Relationships are by far some of the most complicated situations that we humans have to navigate. Love, desire, romance, desperation, obsession; how does one unravel where one emotion ends and one begins? Sometimes a person wants to be with someone who is strong, who can take care of them; protect them. Thatís why itís so easy to become deeply entwined with someone else, so much so that you might go to great lengths for that person. Itís like Romeo with his poison, and Juliet with her dagger.  


Strong women donít put up with crap. Theyíll call you out in a heartbeat, and they can smell weakness. Itís better not to play the games. And at the same time, how many men love that larger than life woman, the one who looks like she could take on the world. There is something about the power play in life, not just strong versus weak, but demand and supply. The balance of power, but who is really controlling things? Its all a game, one without a clear end however, like the snake that eats its own tail.   

Not Going Out

Too much happening all the time; we live in a crazy ADHD world. Its getting harder and harder to be heard above the noise. So much anymore there is the sense of being lost and of losing sight. The strong choose to live above this chaos. Or at least they make the chaos their own. It takes strength of character and will; it takes someone that wonít take no for an answer; a refusal to lose or quit.  


The darker side of personality is at work here, the side that drags us down into the murky depths; the depression and desolation that reside somewhere in everyone. A lot of people try to hide this side, try to deny it, but there is something one dimensional in seeing through only one side of the mirror. There is a counterpoint to every happy and joyous thought and eventually we all come in touch with the blackness. Its not necessarily evil, but its uncomfortable; sometimes upsetting. Its certainly not a place one wants to remain in for long, but to see the boredom, or melancholia, or occasional wicked thought gives us a balance with which to highlight the light side.

Any Other Time

How many variations of regret are there? How many shadows of what might have been? There is this theme of choices and actions and how they lead to the consequence that is our lives. Would we give up what we have to change one thing? Where would we be if we had simply made a different choice? For every path we choose to follow there is an array of others we could not go down. But life cannot be lived looking backward towards what was or might have been. It has to be seen forward, towards whatever lies in the present and possibly in the future. 

Old Version

A shell, a character, a mask; its that person we canít help being when we are with a certain person. No matter how much we say we are completely ourselves when we get around other people its impossible. Why do people get into revolving relationships? They canít help it, they slip back in and the story is so familiar that they stay. Cycling on and on into oblivion. And thatís the truth of it, that you slide out of the essential ďyouĒ in order to fit a ready-made version.


This is a pivotal moment; epiphany pure and simple. So many times in life we are trudging along, trying to do what we do, but really just going through the motions. And how often is there doubt and worry, fear and regret? But sometimes there is a true moment of clarity, a sense of real living. Its as close to weightless a mind can become. You just want to stand up and sing at the top of your lungs, sheer joy and delight in simply being alive. And Iím not talking in some sappy this-could-be-the-last-day-of-your-life sort of way, but in a feeling like youíve started to move up again after having been a plateau, or even worse, a low. Itís the feeling a person would get on an upswing.











The birth of a song:

We begin with a poem, or to be more exact an idea for a poem, complete with all of its extra words and whole phrases; its snore points and its gems. We donít have a very polished edited version, and we donít have a meter that fits with our song, but we have the theme laid out clearly, the concept, and some very nice metaphors to illustrate it: 

Utterly beholden to the images youíre painting for me

Who I see you as is more important than who you are

An entire universe twisted down to one point, my focus is all you

And you are the world in its entirety to me.

Breathing your assurance just as readily as oxygen

My lungs fulfilled simply in your recognition of me

Venus dangling from a string, holding onto the one line I have of all

Throwing risks to caution to drown out the cacophony

Of those in the background. 

Next we start to chop away at all the unnecessary pieces, the portions that donít add to the meaning and drag the lyrics down. We also start to incorporate some sense of timing and metric function. The challenge is to try and keep the feeling and theme we had before, but without having to spell it out in fully expressed language: 

Who I see you as is more than who you are.

Beholden to those images I see

The background is cacophony

And you are my focus

The world in its entirety

Is mine to giveÖ 

Still trying to get the feel right, we start to pare off too much and lose the meaning. Time to play with different combinations. 

Beholden to the image

Of who you are

But more so

Cacophony as background

But then itís centered aroundÖ 

Until, eventually we get to the right combination of meaning and imagery, time and sound. A finished piece that fits with the music and combines to create that sound that transports the listener into another world: 

And how I see you

Through all the glare

Adored this image

But itís more than that

Throwing risk to caution

In cacophony

Breathing your assurance

Venus on a string 

Thank you for the muses and motivations; for all the restless nights; for the encouragement and the tough lines. Thank you for the relationships that were doomed to fail; for the men and women who were too bad, or too good, or just plain wrong, but still damned fun; for all the times they were the right one, or the right one right now, or if they were never the right one but it didnít matter anyway. Thank you for childhood, and youth, and aging, and experience: for the times when mistakes were made; for times when choices were made and futures decided; for the times that things just didnít seem like theyíd ever seem right; for the moments of clarity. Thank you for the people who said you couldnít do it, that said you werenít talented enough or strong enough; for the people who stood behind you every step and cheered the loudest, for the people who were there no matter what. Thank you for the second, the minute, the hour, the day; for all the things that were said or unsaid; for all the things that happened and all the things that could have happened; for all the thoughts that erupted out of the brain unbidden and merciless. Thank you for all the words and the pictures, for all the sounds and the listeners. Thank you for people who wanted to be on the edge, and those who just happened to find themselves there; for all the hipsters who wanted to hear it first; for all the pop candy kids who were just looking for a quick fix. Thank you for inspiration and music; for people who live and breathe notes and words; for artists who canít get away from that melody in their heads. Thank you for so much, and for so little. Thank you for listening.










































From the opening nervous beats of VULNERABILITY to the end of this record,

you can hear a new cohesiveness not so apparent before in previous e_lab efforts.

one song fades into the next, one song leaves a message the other responds to;

and its all like a maze that you canít just wander through, you have to race to

the end. stephanie and i began recording this way back in 2006 and we worked

on it endlessly until we thought we had it right. and then we waited; and when

we listened again, it was right!

songs like ANGLE jump out from the speakers with a brand new intensity and imagery

that we're prepared to back up with action. the bassline, which was originally made

on guitar, was synthesized and remade to sound like it was malfunctioning on purpose;

its hard to nail down. when youíre a musician you get stuck sometimes. guitarists get

inspiration from tones from their guitars, drummers get inspiration from beating on things.

electronic people sometimes get inspiration from metaphysical things such as synthesizers,

but what really sets me on fire is when someone like stephanie can take a piece of music

and sing over it and take it somewhere else completely.

Poets and musicians swirl around in two very different spheres. They love and feel pain

separately; they will worry away at two opposite sides of something until they are satisfied,

and sometimes one will look in the direction of the other and beckon.

Itís like two worlds colliding. Two ordinary pursuits combine to create something that is

just a bit bigger than the sum of its parts. At times there are simply stars, and at others

there is fire. for example, with I WILL HAVE there's a point where it becomes something

greater than the music- it becomes a whole. and it has a message that canít be doubted.  
Its not always easy to reconcile creative minds, but with this new e_lab record, weíve

come pretty damned close. The words have something to say, of course, but its not

always easy to ferret out their emotion, their message. And thatís where the magic of

Bloodwork happens.  Because where the words fail to reach far enough the sound wraps

them up and carries them the rest of the way there. Its like a punch in the face and the

sexiest kiss youíve ever experienced at the same time. And weíre only getting started.